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Challenging The Status Quo 

The way businesses store their data changed with the introduction of GDPR in 2018.   GDPR required companies to increase the focus put on protecting information and data, which in turn increased the demands on security processes within organisations. 


While most sensible businesses implemented new processes and adjusted their technical systems to comply with this globally reaching regulation, continued data protection assessment is vital to ensure that they maintain GDPR compliance. Failure can result in an ICO Audit and potentially hefty fines.


However, how do you know what to expect from an ICO Audit?


GDPR legislation requires that compliance is an ongoing focus for businesses, and Article 25 stipulates that companies use a “data protection by design and default” approach.


In simple terms, it means that you can’t just plug or fix potential leaky spots in your system, you must continually assess them to ensure that they are fit for purpose.


A small investment in a Maturity Assessment could save your organisation money in the future.


6S Global can perform a Data Protection Assessment for your business using ICO Audit guidelines. Our assessment provides you with the insights to see where you need to improve your data protection processes and creates a bespoke action plan designed to ensure that should you ever have an ICO Audit, your business will get it right.




Our unique analysis, designed to mirror a real ICO Audit, allows us to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your processes and technical systems.

Covering all aspects of ICO requirements, 6S Global dig into your processes, finding the information and data that proves whether or not you are meeting GDPR requirements.




Following our assessment, we then provide a bespoke report, specifically written for your organisation. Within this, we determine your privacy maturity and report on how GDPR ready you are.

Knowing and understanding the gaps in your data protection means we can then advise and recommend potential solutions using a high-level roadmap. Prioritising improvements means that you can focus on the least compliant sections first and also shows the ICO that you have an improvement process in place.


Some suggestions you may receive will include working towards ISO27001, using Cyber Essentials, and working towards Privacy Seal standards.




Following our guidance, you will reduce the chances of experiencing a data breach and therefore, the potential of fines. However, this is not the moment to sit back and relax, thinking of a job well done. Maintaining your systems and ensuring that they are fit for purpose is a GDPR requirement (and also a part of the ISO27001 certification).

Enjoy the peace of mind that your business is currently compliant and book another 6S Global Maturity Assessment for Data Protection into your company diary for a year’s time.


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