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Challenging The Status Quo 

Information currently has become currency, driving business and commerce across the world. It could be your organisation's most important and valuable asset, and so it demands to be properly protected.

Protecting information means managing risk, just as you'd manage the risk of any other type of hazard occurring. Yet the risks around information security are all too often overlooked or brushed off – the mindset being that only the huge multinational corporations suffer data breaches and "it'll never happen to us”


In late 2017 1,500, UK businesses took part in the UK Governments Cyber Security Breach Survey and virtually all were found to have been exposed to cybersecurity risks in some way. Once you have a website and social media, use cloud services, or hold electronic data on your customers, you become a potential target, regardless of size, wealth or reputation. At 6S Global we believe in utilizing all possible streams to support our clients in the protection of their data – whether this is through our 5 step process, or the wealth of knowledge our in house specialists hold.



Introducing 6S Global's in-house Data Protection specialist, Steve Wilkinson:

Our industry expert Steve Wilkinson, with more than 20 years of successful experience, stands at the forefront in the fastest moving world of data privacy.

He’s spent the past five years bringing around a shift from old style privacy awareness into the 21st century. Coming from a risk and compliance background Steve is a person with a risk-based approach to data privacy security systems-  with deep privacy industry knowledge. Steve has championed the awareness for regulatory compliance for several years, promoting to small companies and providing information and recommendations to the regulatory authorities in the UK and US Governments (DPA18 and the US Privacy Act).  

Steve has been a prolific guest speaker, at over 12 events, within the past 2 years, mainly speaking on the impacts of privacy and data protection on a global platform. He has received numerous awards - one of which is being recognised as being within the top 100 most influential people within the UK for pollution reduction, which demonstrates his diversity in work.

In addition to speaking events, Steve also lectures at Henley Business school (affiliated to Harvard) on both their GDPR and CEO leadership programmes – where the ICO also complete their training.

Before Steve joined 6S Global he was a freelance DPO, assisting companies to tackle the data privacy landscape on a global basis. Steve was also a lead auditor in May throughout the implementation of the ISO standards including 9001, 45001, 14001, 27001, 50001 etc. As well as these accomplishments, Steve has also developed many e-learning courses and was the first person in the UK to develop and run an e-learning course for academic intuitions.

Cert open law, pg dip law, LL.M law studying PhD law, Cert dp from Bournemouth University

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