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Challenging The Status Quo 

6S Global has a wide range of experience in data management, such as; Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management and Management Information Systems.  All of which are governed by various laws and rules such as the General Data Protection Regulation. 

We recognise Data Protection as a priority; therefore, it falls into its pillar within our A.T.O.M – Architectural Targeted Operating Model. As experts in this field, we know that data is more than just the information being held. 


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Many Organisations think of platforms when referring to GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance).

At 6S Global it is more about the Foundations that are in place to support a Business.  Firstly, to help with GRC the Support structure, policies and procedures should be put in place.   But you can’t do that without understanding the need and vulnerabilities! 

We will be producing some interesting papers in the next few months, which I hope will help and guide businesses in the decisions they make, and also some more information under our GRC section- all underpinned by our ATOM process.


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