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Challenging The Status Quo 

The Future of Video Analytics
27th August 2018

Video Analytics (VA) is a technology that has seen considerable movement in the spheres of security and surveillance. VA systems perform intelligent video analysis and automated video monitoring. They can automatically track and identify objects, perform motion analysis and extra key information from all types of video streams, assisting in the data mining process.  

So far, video analytics have mainly been employed as part of broader monitoring systems, focused on security. Some of the most widely-used applications for smart video are the identification of shoplifters on commercial properties, and automatic number plate recognition – used by Law Enforcement, for road traffic enforcement duties.  


However, further developments in Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) have opened up many exciting new applications in other fields.   


IVA promises to provide up to the minute, accurate and timely information - on not only the number of visitors to a given site but also a complete picture of their composition - surpassing the principle of people-counting, revolutionising the simple door counter. 


In shops and other commercial environments such as clubs and bars, IVA systems can be used as a demographic analysis tool- monitoring aspects of visitors and customers. These include age, gender, preferred products and other information vital to market research.  


Smart video will also have a crucial role in active, as well as passive uses of collected data, such as informing shop staff when to emphasise specific product lines or automatically changing and adapting visual advertising and other marketing materials at key times.  


Even automatic number-plate recognition systems have the ability to be used for more than just law enforcement. Smart cameras can identify staff members arriving at their places of work, allowing preparations for their needs of the working day to be set into motion automatically- allowing for a more efficient and productive day to be set. 


The future of technology is forever evolving, day by day smart cameras and IVAs are getting smarter - replacing the need for humans in some instances...we can only presume what will happen next.