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Challenging The Status Quo 

Data Protection and GDPR
8th July 2019

GDPR has been in operation for just over a year, and yet studies show that 20% of companies are still at risk of failing GDPR compliance.  With 60% showing medium chances of incurring hefty fines.

Even more worryingly, only 35% of businesses and organisations have GDPR aligned breach reporting processes in place. Given that the information that your company holds is potentially it’s most valuable asset, this is the equivalent of leaving the doors open and the alarm off when you leave the office at night.


In an age where remote working is becoming more commonplace, employees are encouraged to work from anywhere on any device.  Having a data protection strategy in place is essential for organisations of all sizes.


Any policy should be methodical, outlining steps taken to comply with GDPR and other data protection legislation.


GDPR specifies that businesses should be able to provide a strategic, detailed and long-term view of how personal data will be used. Additionally, it requires them to implement robust data sharing policies and contracts for all their service users.


GDPR isn’t going to go away, in fact, some analysts are suggesting that other countries will implement similar policies, a recent Jahrain study showed that 69% of US consumers would like to see similar data protection legislation in their home country. With new privacy legislation introduced in California and Brazil in 2018, having a strategy that is fit for purpose is vital for any organisation operating outside of the EU.


As specialists in advising on Strategic and Technical Security with over 25 years’ accredited experience, 6S Global can provide your business with a Data Protection and GDPR Strategy that ensures you fall into the 20% who are entirely data compliant. Using an expert to create your strategy for you and advise you (maybe through a Data Protection Maturity Assessment) means that you can be sure that every box is ticked.


Our Data Protection experts work alongside you to ensure that you receive the perfect level of support in protecting yourself against cybersecurity risks, whether it is through our proven and tested 5 step process or tapping into the wealth of knowledge that 6S Global’s experts hold, we ensure that you can safely say “It’ll never happen to us”


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