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Challenging The Status Quo 

26th July 2019

Every business needs targets, that’s why any successful organisation employs business advisors to create business plans for them.

In much the same way, the experts at 6S Global can create a plan or model for your ongoing cybersecurity.

6S Global believe in challenging the ‘status quo’ to find the best possible solutions for businesses.
Our A.T.O.M (Architectural Targeted Operating Model) works on looking at your business’ existing state of data security and pinpoints exactly where you should be. Using Target Operating Model frameworks, we perform an in-depth physical, cyber and data review focusing on a variety of factors.


These can include delving into the processes and policies within your organisation, checking that they are fit for purpose and meet the needs of ISO27001 and GDPR, reviewing data rooms, how data is stored and who has access to them, evaluating your cybersecurity and checking for vulnerabilities and potential penetration points.


Why use A.T.O.M?


Your business’ data is its most valuable asset. Staff can come and go, furniture and computers can be changed, but the data you hold is what keeps your business operating. With that in mind, you need to make sure that everything that you have in place to protect it is fit for purpose.


That’s where A.T.O.M comes in handy. Creating an Architectural Targeted Operating Model, incorporates all of the aspects of your business related to data; Risk Management, Strategy, Tech, and Data. Focusing on these four pillars enables us to complete a comprehensive strategic and technical security assessment of your business and to provide you with bespoke, expert, independent advice.


The team at 6S Global delve deep into your business, forensically reviewing every aspect, including security, operations, management, compliance suitability and audit processes for;

Physical – The Foundations, walls, portals and Perimeter

Cyber – The digital network that connects devices, systems and people

People – People involved, such as staff, customers, suppliers, Threats

Credentials – Keys, Card technology, Domain, Generic, MFA


By doing this we can then provide you with a complete analysis of the health of your data security systems.


Calling in independent experts to run this kind of assessment further strengthens your security, negating potential internal security issues, using a fresh set of eyes to review your systems, and providing you with completely independent and unbiased advice.


By doing this, we provide a unique overview of the health of your organisation, providing simple and easy tools to give a combined report for easy visibility of vulnerabilities and ways to mitigate and manage those risks.

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