What You Must Know About Data Transfer Security

For all internet users, from private individuals to major businesses, the ability to connect to and make use of important resources from remote locations is an immense boon. However, you must always bear in mind that any internet connection is a potential risk for your computer, especially if it is inadequately secured. Unsecured data transfer is a point of vulnerability that can be targeted by malware and hackers. For this reason, having an effective information security management system is crucial.

The consequences of unsecured data transfers can be extreme. One of the most serious is falling victim to RATing. The RAT (Remote Administration Tool) is an aggressive piece of malware, by which a hacker can infiltrate and effectively take control of your computer without your knowledge. Once your system is compromised, an attacker can effectively do anything from stealing passwords to sensitive information such as bank accounts, to spying on you directly through your computer’s webcam.

In order to maintain effective data transfer security, using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an important step. Having an effective VPN ensures that there is less likelihood of systems on it being compromised by malware. The VPN provides an effective security buffer that shields system IP addresses from outside interference. Furthermore data packets sent between a private network, such as a company intranet, and remote users will be securely encrypted and protected from eavesdropping.

Tosibox lockTo give you further peace of mind, and to add extra effectiveness to your information security management system, 6S Global recommends the use of Tosibox. A world first, the Tosibox is a physical ‘Lock and Key’ system that creates a secure, encrypted connection directly between a network and remote devices required to access information from it.

Tosibox is a plug-and-play system that requires only a few minutes of configuration to establish a secure connection between the Lock and Key. It is also expandable, as a single Key can support connections to several different Locks. We recommend Tosibox as a reliable solution to any data transfer security needs. For further information, see our page on Tosibox at http://www.6sglobal.co.uk/tosibox/