Video Intelligence

An advanced form of Video Analytics, Video Intelligence compares known information against captured video and learns with the changing environment. We provide standard and bespoke Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Thermal Imaging and Facial Pattern Recognition systems (FPR).

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

The software and integration modules of our ANPR solution are compatible with most major camera and hardware manufacturers (including the Skidata parking control system) using simple to use operator interfaces and remote web based administrative access if required.

The major challenges to effective ANPR include damaged plates or foreign characters, poor lighting in covered environments, bad weather, tailgating and speed or angle of approach. Whatever the environment, our intelligent number plate recognition solutions are designed to be flexible and accurate to the highest standards. ANPR enables effective carpark management, vehicle auditing, overstay management, automated vehicle alerts, access control and traffic surveys. Our systems deliver cost efficient solutions in these areas. See the video below for a demonstration of ANPR.

Accuplate – ANPR Solution

Accuplate is  an enterprise level automatic number plate recognition system, which has already been integrated to the Skidata parking system.  High accuracy capture and integration gives companies a sleek powerful car park management solution.  It has recently replaced a market leader in ANPR technology at Heathrow Terminal 5 business parking. Contact us for details. To see a video on the Accuplate, click here.

Facial Pattern Recognition Systems

Our Facial Pattern Recognition systems use cutting edge technology i.e. 2D to 3D biometrics to read faces, achieving speeds of around one second from detection and identification to delivery of an alert to the personnel or control room. The system continuously searches all traffic captured within the camera view, scanning up to 25,000 faces per second.

Uses include VIP detection and alert, suspect ID and evidence collection, access control, border security, public security and identity verification. We will soon be able to detect age and gender, to provide even more information about the demographics of a population.

Thermal Analytics

Whether it’s person detection, animal detection in luggage or detecting overheating in machinery, we can tailor solutions and analytics around your business operation to improve machinery efficiency, security or health and safety. Contact us for further details. For a video demonstration, click here.

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