Business & Data Intelligence

6s Global provide bespoke Business & Data Intelligence and control systems, together with the coordinating software, which enable a company to function more effectively, and profitably. These systems include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions
  • Business & Data Intelligence Systems
  • Messaging Archiving and Security


CRM is about managing your sales and marketing tools, customer service and technical support, quotations, document management, stock and parts lists. Our software organises, automates and synchronises business processes.


ERP systems integrate internal and external management information across an entire organisation. This includes finance and accounting, manufacturing, sales and service, customer relationship, supplier relationships, stock management, HR and payroll and time management.

Business & Data Intelligence Systems

What do we class as business & data intelligence systems?

We try and understand how your business works, and the systems you currently have in place. What would you like to achieve out of new systems? Do you duplicate work? Are systems not working as you originally intended? Sometimes it could be as simple as changing the way your current software works, even training on how to use the software. We never try and over sell, but what we can offer is our unique understanding of how to piece solutions together and this is our business intelligence. Using bespoke systems like facial pattern recognition, tie that into time and attendance, tie that into a Payroll systems and then manage it all through an ERP system.

Messaging, Archiving and Security

We feel that data security and control of data is very important. We have email and IM Foresnsic Compliant archiving solutions, to control and manage your emails efficiently. True email archiving with ultra-fast searches to make quick work at finding the emails that are needed, Forensically prove that emails have not been tempered with and full monitoring ensuring compliance with corporate email usage and legislation.

We also feel mobile and transmitted data is at risk. Solutions that encrypt laptops hard drives, USB Sticks and even stop phone hacking! Also we have plug and play VPN devices that are easy to use within 5 minutes. No port or network configuration is required and it uses 1024 bit encryption.

How is your data being managed? We have two products for enhancing mobile security: Our Alert boot solution Encrypts Laptops, USB Sticks and Protects Mobile Phones. Our Tosibox Solution Provides a plug and play VPN connection.

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Tosibox lock





We also have Email Archive And Forensic search software: