Asset Intelligence (Inc. Secure Earth)

We provide Asset Intelligence systems which collate and monitor all the vital information about the assets a company owns or controls to ensure they are being utilised to their maximum capability. Assets, i.e. the physical and virtual property and resources belonging to a company, are vitally important and their effective use could mean the difference between company success or failure.

Asset Intelligence systems at 6s Global

We build on a company’s asset register to provide a Asset Intelligence system which not only enables accurate auditing of the assets, but also efficient use, monitoring and maintenance. Secure Earth is a specialist product in the construction and infrastructure industries, designed to collate all the information from construction and related drawings and documents. As an advanced centralised data repository, Secure Earth is able to plan and maintain projects through live asset monitoring in Google maps, so that the whole construction chain can view, edit, comment and sign off work, saving time and ensuring projects are delivered on time and to budget. The video below provides an overview of the Secure Earth system.